My name is Gen and I recently lovingly placed my child in the arms of a couple I chose through adoption and want to share my journey and story. I believe adoption can be a beautiful beginning. I’m not saying that adoption is the right choice for everyone that is thinking about it, but it certainly was in my case. I just hope that through telling my story and continuing to share my journey I can bring a little more understanding to adoption and hopefully give other girls the strength if this is the right choice for them. I hope to bring awareness to adoption in the hope that the parents looking to adopt can finally receive the child I believe was always meant to be theirs.

To give you a small background, my adoption is a very open one and I have contact with my biological daughter’s parents almost everyday. We developed a close friendship before she was born and still continue with it. The couple knows where I live, I know where they live, we text and talk on the phone, have Skype sessions and plan to have visits. Not every adoption is like this and it may not be the right type of adoption for everyone on either side of the process. But this is the adoption both sides in my case felt was right for us.

A child can never have too many people to love them. Please read this blog with an open mind and love in your heart. This world could use a little more love.


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  1. Heartbreaking, beautiful, humbling, inspiring. Thank you my dearest Geni for allowing me to laugh and cry with you. All my love to you, Little, your Mum and Dad, and Little’s Mommy and Daddy.

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