With mothers day coming up holidays are on my mind and i thought i would write a blog post about it.

I would assumed most people would think that mother’s day is a very hard holiday and truth be told even from my first mother’s day it wasn’t hard at all. Possibly being in the service industry and mother’s day being so busy I kind of forget it but I’m not nervous and I don’t ache for Little that day and I don’t feel like about to cry at any moment.

This mostly likely because I’m not a traditional mother I’m a Birth Mom and therefore my day is Saturday and I have Birth Mother’s Day. I have always felt special and I’m never worried about being glanced over.

There are other holidays where I tend to be close to tears the whole time, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can never make it through Christmas so far with out breaking down at some point during the festivities. I always get to Skype and see Little open her presents and listen to her being excited and play and laugh which bring joy to my heart every time and feels me up but being around everyone and seeing all the kids run around brings me to tears and sobbing every time.

I don’t know if this will ever change I do hope so I want to look forward to christmas and the joy of being around everyone but for now it’s hard.

For now I look forward to mother’s day because of the pain it wont bring and I’m nervous for how busy we will be at work.


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